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Remote Work: TOOLS

We’ve been talking a lot about remote work, and some aspects to take into account when managing a whole remote team.

Vital things like, trust the team, get to know them, avoid micromanaging, have a well-established work dynamic, get to know your delegate's efficiency systems, among others, are necessary points to keep in mind in this work mode.

However, there’s still a crucial point we haven’t talked about, and it’s as necessary as the others: Efficiency measurement tools.

What are these Efficiency Measurement Tools?

We’re talking about digital platforms that ease processes for the manager when it comes to measuring the team’s performance. For example, in remote working, there’s no way the team manager knows how many hours his delegates are working, so a digital tool can keep track of hours of actual work.

Thanks to the number of businesses that are deciding to go remote, now you can find plenty of platforms that help work teams to actually function. So it’s easy to find a bunch of cool tools to keep things in order.

Here are our three favorite Efficiency Measurement tools:

-Slack: This is a vital communication channel, where you can create different chats per department, and keep conversations going, besides you can send big files because every user gets a bit of storage to send and receive.

-Notion: This platform is a must for documentation, create spaces per project, departments, and even tasks. Here you can comment, tag workmates, register assignments, etc. So the whole team gets access to docs, info, and resources.

-Airtable: This tool, helps keep records of worked hours, every team member gets a user, and at the end of the day, they register hours, projects, and tasks they concrete throughout the day.

Remote work teams work holistically.

Like any “not remote” work team, things need to get done; of course, it’s harder to keep harmony and communication when team members are miles apart.

That’s why managers need to work hard to get a well planned established structure, so every member can easily adapt and fit into the system.

All parts, from members to dynamics, to tools, need to be in sync and working as a whole, so the results are worth it.

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