A deep look into UpWork and AngelList requirements for top marketing jobs

We have been curious lately about what are the most reliable marketing skills searched for on powerful freelance platforms like UpWork and Angelist. To amplify our marketing services, we did a meticulous search to understand where the client needs are and what are the must-have marketing capabilities.

First some research

The only way to understand what is being searched for is to actually conduct an investigation on each platform. This would also give us insights on how one differs from the other in marketing tasks and professionals.

How is Upwork looking

Upwork.com is right now the place-to-be for all creatives in the tech space, especially those looking for exciting work challenges. We started by understanding how the companies are searching for jobs to then define a top 10 of the primary keywords that have high relevance in this space.

Afterwards, we made a comparison in search, to understand if the volumes of search for our markets (US, EU and China) were as relevant.

For UpWork companies, relevant and necessary skills right now have to do mainly with building and populating content marketing strategies. There is a substantial relation between high paying jobs and enhanced urgency in areas like content, creative and blog writing, as these are the building blocks of digital marketing.

Some more specific skills like facebook and social media marketing knowledge are pretty attractive for companies, as well. It didn’t come as a surprise to also see on our top ten list other verticals of content marketing such as SEO optimization (to be compliant with user needs) and email marketing (for thorough followup on clients).

When pairing these results with the search on Google, it was not so surprising to find out that most of these skills have search volumes of 10000–100000 times monthly (meaning they are written in search a lot).

The most interesting SEO finding in this regard, are the dozens of parallel long-tail keywords*used to find the services. For example, the phrase “how to write a blog” was one of the highest-ranking amongst more than 4000 keywords related to the top 10 found in this research.

Now, let’s see AngelList

Due to its startup nature, AngelList’s keywords are slightly different in order and interest. Here the categories requested in each skill set are more oriented to a broader industry like sales, marketing, AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Python.

Some specific skills related to understanding marketing from a more mathematical perspective are gaining importance, making terms like “data science” a pretty urgent search.

In regards to roles, we can see that some of the most necessary people to join companies are the ones who can direct services like marketing, sales, or product management and more all-around capabilities like software engineers.

Two keywords stand out, and they are “growth hacking” and “business development” which go hand in hand with the need for rapid and effective scalability needed by startups. Within these roles, we can see the connection in urgency to generate a flexible process that can be iterated in a fast-paced environment.

Search tells a slightly different story, which is food for thought, because it points out mayor industry needs matching marketing and data science as two of the most highly searched keywords with up to 1 million queries per month. Python and AWS are the most looked for keywords in over 3000 results, clearly stating where we are going with development needs in the next months.

In a nutshell

Skills related to building content online are the most looked for, and best paid, as it’s challenging for companies to maintain updated and SEO friendly websites. This also means that there has to be a lot of followups through push and pull online with efficient digital marketing strategies, including social media and email.

Marketing funnels are being carefully directed by managers (marketing, sales and product) and efficiently executed by software developers with multi-language and platform skills.

Meanwhile, new opportunities present themselves for the bold who are looking to venture into the biz dev and growth hacking tasks. This is all carefully supported by hefty data analysis for improving informed business desitions.

Trends and next steps

Businesses looking to thrive in the here and now of the online landscape must find themselves reaching out to clients in every possible way. Digital is not a nice-to-have since a long time ago, right now, the name of the game is how fast can you grow your client pool and convert into long-lasting relations.

Traditional approaches to sales and marketing are still necessary and useful and social media works as multi-tiered space for real connection that customers crave.

Carefully crafted content marketing strategies are an absolute requirement from brands big and small but more than this, the timely execution that will make this content distribution realistic and effective.

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